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Yanmar Brahma Canopy UTV

Yanmar Brahma Canopy UTV for sale at Carroll's Service Center

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Yanmar Brahma Canopy UTV for sale at Carroll's Service Center



More personal space:

The Brahma lives at the crossroads between brute strength, and passenger comfort. Its strong YANMAR diesel engine provides 2000 lbs. of towing power and a payload capacity of 1,381 lbs. But despite its rugged strength, it remains roomy and comfortable.

Our UTVs were built to work. No day is too long, and no job is too difficult for a Brahma. But with all those workable hours in the day, the amount of time you will spend in the driver’s seat can get tedious. This is your office. This is your workspace. But we have taken steps to make this feel like home.

The Brahma’s body shape provides plenty of cabin room, so that you are free to stretch out, even with a full passenger load. It also allows for the use of our multiple center consoles, and safety storage box accessories.

Wide foot space:

The broad body also allows for plenty of foot space. This means that, even with thick and heavy work boots, you will always have plenty of space to maneuver quickly, and comfortably. If you are using your Brahma on trails, or at speed, then ample foot space is a necessary safety component to allow you to brake quickly and make controlled turns.

Fully adjustable bucket seats:

For someone with land to work, a 9-5 work day just doesn’t cut it. When long work days are a given, comfort is key. Our bucket seats are made of soft, but durable, leather. They are also fully adjustable regarding tilt, slide, and lumbar support. These attributes give your work space the same level of comfort as your living room. Your only worry now is making sure that you don’t doze off in the passenger seat when there is work to be done.

Ergonomics design:

You can’t work as hard as you need to, if you are uncomfortable, and cramped. That’s why the Brahma was designed with optimal ergonomics in mind. Every piece of cabin comfort was engineered to set you, and your team, up for success. From the added space, to the comfortable seating interior, your Brahma will soon become your oasis.

Easy to enter and exit:

The ability to quickly enter and exit your Brahma is key. With so much work to do, you need on-the-go easy access to your surroundings. And if you use your UTV for trail riding, hunting, or any other woodsy uses – the ability to remove brush and branches from your path without leaving your seat is key. The open nature of the Brahma cabin – built with no doors, and a completely flat floor, affords you the flexibility you need to move about freely.

Center designed control panel:

The center control panel allows integrated access to all commonly-used controls. With all controls clearly laid out, and similarly structured to resemble an average automobile, new users are easily able to learn all functionalities of the Brahma’s control center.

No headache oil changes.

Your Brahma is your baby. You want it taken care of to the best of your ability, with the least hassle possible. To keep away the hassle of having to run to a dealer for minor maintenance and simple fixes, we built the Brahma to be “work from the garage” friendly.

Plenty of cargo bed tilt to provide easy access to the engine:
Your Brahma engine is protected under your steel cargo bed. However, the cargo bed tilts at a large enough angle that you have easy engine access whenever you need it. With your engine components laid out clearly in your owner’s manual, home-maintenance has never been so easy.

Quick release floor mats for cabin cleaning:
When it’s time to tuck your Brahma in for the night, a hose-down to remove the grit of the day is an important part of body maintenance. The standard floor mats come with quick-release capabilities to make cabin cleaning quick, easy, and painless.

Enjoy the Drive

Electrical power steering (EPS), Front and rear unified disk brake system, 2WD/4WD/Rear Diff Lock mode):
The Brahma was created to dynamically complete differing tasks depending on its owner’s needs. Whether you use your Brahma for hauling cargo across farm land, maneuvering around a job site, or hunting over wild terrain, your Brahma was engineered to work for you.
Just as the Brahma isn’t a one-size-fits-all machine, the Brahma owner isn’t a one-size-fits-all person.

The Brahma is equipped with electrical power steering (EPS) to ensure that you’re able to make quick and tight turns with ease.
The front and rear unified disk break system allows you to be confident in your ability to bring your vehicle to a complete stop, no matter the payload, or the sudden decline of a trail.

The ability to lock your rear differential will keep you from the UTV driver’s worse fear – getting stuck in mud or other rough terrain. Then, when you move back onto smooth roads, simply switch off your differential lock, and you are back to unhindered speed and smooth turns.

Stability (Independent double wishbone with 10.6 and 10.2 Long-Travel Suspension – Best in class 12.2.” ground clearance, 47” wide track system):
Your Brahma was built to keep you and your cargo steady at all costs. From the passenger seat, you will only notice the effortlessness of the ride. But below your seat, on the underbelly of your machine, multiple design features are working together to ensure the utmost balance.

Our Long-Travel Suspension system is an independent double wishbone measuring 10.6” and 10.2.” This suspension system provides smooth shock absorption and complete support during off-roading.

The 47” wide track system keeps you grounded with a reliable, wide-set, base. Coupled with the Brahma’s best-in-class 12.2” ground clearance for easy debris avoidance – you couldn’t be more stable, and your ride couldn’t be smoother.

Storage (front, side, and under seat):
No matter the job, your gear will always need a place to live — one preferably not taking up all your extra Brahma-style passenger cabin space.
To make sure that would never be an issue, we built our Brahma UTVs standard with large-volume front and side storage containers. Under-seat storage comes standard on the Semi-CAB model and is sold as an accessory for the Canopy model.

Large fuel tank (200+ miles on one fuel tank with a full load):
You are busy. You have a job to do. You hate wasting time. A 10.57-gallon fuel tank means that you can drive for over 200-miles with a full cargo load before having to stop and refuel. Less stops, less time wasted, and everybody goes home happy.

More power. More comfort. More jobs completed.

YANMAR has been in the diesel engine industry for over 100-years. Throughout that we have perfected the long-lasting diesel engine. Many YANMAR machine owners use their equipment for over 20-years with the proper maintenance. A life span that long, with fuel-efficiency a top priority, creates massive long-term savings for the YANMAR owner.

We poured all our diesel expertise into the Brahma’s powerful 24.2HP, 993CC, Final Tier 4 Compliant, Liquid-cooled, Four Cycle YANMAR Diesel Engine: the strength, the longevity, the fuel-efficiency, and the power.

High Mounted Air Intake for engine and CVT:
You face many terrain challenges on the jobsite and trail, from dust and mud, to swamp and everything in between. That’s why we mounted the engine and CVT intake at the highest point on the Brahma’s body possible. The further off the ground the intake system, the cleaner the air, and the longer the life span of those key components of your machine.

CVT Drive System:
The Brahma’s CVT system allows your UTV to shift gears seamlessly, and continuously, so that you are always utilizing the most optimal gear-level for the task at hand. You just stay focused on the job – let your Brahma stay focused on running as efficiently as possible.

Factory Assembled Quality Process:
All Brahma UTVs are assembled at YANMAR America’s factory to establish consistent, across-the-board, quality control. Every machine that leaves the factory is tested rigorously to ensure that it is up to the high standards that YANMAR is known for.

Under Body Skid Plate:
The Brahma sports steel construction, best-in-class ground clearance, and a 47” wide track system – but we expect you to push it to its limits. To keep up with your needs, we have also installed an under-body skid plate to protect your key components against large job site debris and rough off-roading terrain.


Engine Type 993cc, 3 Cylinder, 4-cycle, Inline Diesel Engine
Bore x Stroke 74 mm x 77 mm
Fuel Diesel 10.57 U.S. gal. (40 L)
Transmission Type CVT
Drive Train 4x4/2x4 (turf mode), rear diff lock
Suspension (Front) 10.6
Suspension (Rear) 10.2
Front Brakes 10.1-in disk with twin piston brake caliper
Back Brakes 8.7-in disk with twin piston brake caliper
L x W x H 134.4 x 65.2 x 77.7
Ground Clearance 12.2 in
Bed Capacity 1000 lb
Towing Capacity 2000 lb

We make hydraulic hoses, stock tires, tubes, batteries and some John Deere parts!

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