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Colliflower Total Hose Fittings

ezgif 4 c1f44caee739Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Hydraulic hose & fittings are the core of Colliflower’s business. We are proud to offer a wide variety of Parker hose & fittings and the ability to fabricate hose assemblies for virtually any application. 

  • Hose Assemblies- We get it. Time is money. That's why we make hose assemblies fast!

  • Hose- Parker hose products offer a range of capabilities for you: from full vacuum to 10,000 psi working pressure.  No matter the pressure, no matter the application, no matter the fluid, we can keep the fluid flowing. 

  • Global Core Products- Five Hoses. Two Fittings. One Solution...With our GlobalCore solution, you can significantly reduce your inventory and part number complexity by using just five hoses and two fittings. Providing a simple solution of robust hydraulic hoses designed to endure the tough conditions where work gets done, GlobalCore is the future that OEMs and end users around the world have been asking for. Designed, built and tested to the ISO 18752 specification, GlobalCore reduces engineering and service complexity by providing the first comprehensive product family across the most commonly used constant working pressure classes. Click here to learn more

  • Fittings- Hose fitting options are almost endless; NPT, JIC, ORFS, Metric, British, and much more. Does your application require a custom solution? Parker’s Quick Response Team can design, build and deliver any hose fitting that you need when you need it. 


Tube Fittings & Adapters

Colliflower has a large inventory of Parker tube fittings and adapters to offer you the highest quality and selection of products in the industry. Parker Hannifin has been the leader in fittings development and innovation for over 100 years. This allows Colliflower to offer NPT, JIC, ORFS, British, Metric, JIS, Komatsu and conversion fittings; an offering unmatched by any supplier in the industry!

  • Custom Manufacturing- Need a custom fitting and need it fast? Parker's Rapid Custom Manufacturing is ready to deliver in as fast as 24 hours!

  • Exceeding Industry Standards- Parker’s proprietary standard plating, Tough Shield 1000, is rust resistant through 1,000 hours in salt spray testing, which is the highest in the business. This proprietary standard far exceeds the SAE requirement of 72 hours!

  • Fitting & Adapter Accessories- Complementing our Parker fittings and adapters product line are hose and tube clamping systems, flange clamps and tube fabrication equipment. 


Quick Couplings

Colliflower offers you an unsurpassed and high-quality selection of Parker Hannifin quick coupling products such as pneumatic, hydraulic, diagnostic and hydraulic swivels.

  • Pneumatic Couplers- Offered in industrial interchange, ARO 210, Truflate, and Lincoln Long Stem profiles. 

  • Exhaust Couplers- Exhaust couplers designed to prevent hose whip, with push-to-connect for easy connection as well as sleeve lock features, provide the greatest variety of efficient and safe quick disconnects couplers.

  • Hydraulic Couplers- Poppet, flush face and connect under pressure designs are available. Steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic body materials are available with pressures up to 10,000 psi. 

  • Couplers- Couplers designed for the severe service of hydraulic hammers, rescue equipment, and specialty applications are also part of Colliflower's Parker product offering. 

  • Snap-Tite- Now part of the Parker Quick Coupling family and available to you.


Brass Fittings & Valves

Colliflower offers you an unsurpassed and high-quality selection of Parker Hannifin quick coupling products such as pneumatic, hydraulic, diagnostic and hydraulic swivels.

  • Brass and Composite Fittings- Available for industrial applications, transportation (DOT approved), compression and push-to-connect fittings.

  • Water and beverage- Connectors and valves, True Seal, Liquifit and low-lead brass products provide what you need for your liquid applcations.

  • Ball valves- Brass, steel, stainless steel, low pressure, high pressure, standard and compact designs are standard in the Parker family and available through Colliflower.


Thermosplastic Hose & Fittings

Colliflower stocks and assembles a vast assortment of Parker’s Parflex Thermoplastic & Fluoropolymer hose, tubing, and fittings.  If you are looking for hoses with special features such as: low temp, high temp, light weight, great chemical compatibility, formed hose, naturally abrasion resistant or electrically nonconductive, then Parker’s Parflex products are your solution. 

Thermoplastic Hose Applications
  • Material Handling

  • Agriculture Equipment 

  • Marine

  • Utility Equipment

  • Sewer Cleaning

  • Arial Lift

  • Construction Equipment

  • Refuse Handling Equipment

  • Hydraulic Tools

  • Power Generation

  • Transportation DOT

  • Car Care

Fluoropolymer/PTFE Hose Applications
  • Smooth Bore

  • True Bore

  • Convoluted

  • High Pressure

  • Extra Flexible

  • Heavy Wall

  • Variety of Covers- Stainless Steel, Silicone, Urethane, Abrasion Resistant

Tubing Applications
  • Nylon in many colors and wall thicknesses; inch&metric

  • Nylon Pure Air

  • Paraprene: Industrial and Food & Dairy

  • Polypropylene: Lab Grade, Ultraviolet light Resistant

  • Vinyl

  • Polyethylene in many colors, grades; inch and metric


Tiger Oil Products

f9df08 27c6e33e38e64bccbc2cde692a975f12 mv2Tiger Oil™

Colliflower is proud to offer customers our very own high-quality hydraulic oil product line. Colliflower Tiger Oil™ begins with high performance clear base oils that are engineered to meet your needs, whatever the application. The result is an advanced hydraulic fluid which exceeds the performance requirements of major hydraulic component manufacturers. 

Tiger Oil™ Features & Benefits

  • Extended Component Life

  • Excellent Wear Protection

  • Exceeds OEM Requirements


f9df08 b85cffc895814cc68eea9f82c9b10876 mv2 d 2679 1671 s 2Tiger Oil™ Oil Only and General Purpose Clean Up Kits

We are pleased to offer two different all-in-one kits for any of your spill needs in any workspace:

Oil Only Clean Up Kits absorb oil and repel water, and are ideal for keeping oils from contaminating ground water and streams. They are perfect for garages and maintenance areas.

General Purpose Clean Up Kits soak up oils, water, coolants, solvents and other water-based fluids anywhere at home or on the job.


f9df08 1fc6024b701b4eefa7b92656df008afe mv2Tiger Scrubs™

Tiger Scrubs are formulated with cleansing orange oil and special moisturizers to rip through the toughest problems like paint, oil, grease and ink.They can be used on a variety of surfaces including skin and metals. 

Industrial Hose

Have a need for hose and hose assemblies for the industrial applications in your life? Colliflower’s industrial hose offering has a solution. Parker’s industrial hose products are suited to a wide variety of fluid conveyance situations. Whether crimped, banded or push on hose; from ¼” ID to 60” ID; Parker’s industrial hoses are able to handle your needs.

Available Cut & Coupled Hose Assemblies include:
  • Air Hose

  • Multipurpose Hose

  • Contractor Water Hose

  • Pressure Washer Hose



Colliflower is a stocking distributor of NoShok pressure gauges and other pressure detection instruments. If you need a gauge from  1-1/2 inch to 6 inch, in plastic, brass, steel, or stainless steel cases, from full vacuum through 100,000 psi, dry or liquid filled, needle or digital, Colliflower and NoShok has your solution. For nearly 50 years NoShok has been providing gauges for the industrial market. Contact us to find the right pressure measurement tool for your application.

We make hydraulic hoses, stock tires, tubes, batteries and some John Deere parts!

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