An Important Message From Carroll's Equipment

Carroll’s Equipment would like to thank our customers for their patronage over the past 88 years. July 22, 2020 will be our last day as a John Deere dealer. We will be temporarily closing our doors to return remaining inventory to Deere. It is our intention to reorganize and come back as a service only organization and continue to provide support to our loyal customers. We will continue to carry STIHL products and parts, and hope to expand into another line of equipment in the future. It has been our pleasure to work with you, your family and the community for over half a century. We will be having a sale July 6-22 on all remaining in stock John Deere inventory.

Please continue to remit your payments to the current address.


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No other dealership brings you the most popular agriculture equipment like John Deere, powerful tools to perform all your landscaping tasks with the results you want to see. You can trust in the John Deere brand to work under the toughest conditions without wear from weak components, John Deere is built strong so you can confidently do all types of agriculture maintenance.